Protocols for ADR/VO and Mix Review sessions

Until further notice, we kindly request all clients review our new studio and facility protocols below and to also commit to the following actions in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19:

Wearing a mask or face-cover when walking through the facility is mandatory.

Practice safe physical-distancing, and with the exception of talent during live-recording sessions in the booth, wear a mask while inside the facility, and in adjacent areas near entrances to the facility.

Complete and submit the self-testing/disclosure questionnaire at least 24 hours before a scheduled session.

Please join us in maintaining a safe environment and know that we are committed to keeping our studio and recording areas free from contaminants.

Talent and Client Entry:

In order to reduce foot-traffic inside the lobby, we are requesting all clients
and talent to enter Levels through the rear patio door. Once parked in our
secured parking lot, follow the signs to the rear patio entrance. Until further
notice, please use this entryway rather than the main lobby entrance when
arriving for all sessions. Once check-in is complete (including thermal
temperature scan), proceed inside directly to your assigned booth or mix
room. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you prior to entering
the facility. Hand sanitizer will be available as you enter as well as in your
booth and/or mix room.  The ADR booth, headphones, microphones, surfaces
and instruments will have been sterilized using UV-C lights and a HEPA
filtered air purifier before and after each scheduled session. *Per SAG
recommendations, we reserve 4 hours between sessions for this cleaning

Restroom Use:

For clients & talent exclusively, restroom use will only be available on the first floor/lobby entry area. The basement level/downstairs area is currently only for employee use. Please wear a mask while walking from a booth or mix bay to the restrooms. All touch surfaces in the restrooms and door handles are sanitized hourly.

Levels Sanitation and Covid-19 Procedures:

Levels employees will wear face masks at all times and will remain distanced, a minimum of 6 feet from talent and clients. We ask for your cooperation and assistance in maintaining this distance.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available near entry/exit doors and inside the booths and mix rooms at all times. Masks will be available and provided by Levels staff if needed prior to entering the facility.
  • UVC wands, disinfecting spray, and HEPA filtered air filtration systems are used to sterilize all booths and mix rooms, including their surfaces, headphones, microphones, and other instruments before and after each session.
  • Corridor surfaces, door handles, pens, and pencils are cleaned regularly with alcohol wipes or disinfecting spray throughout each day and before & after each person enters the booths or mix rooms.

Talent Recording:

Once inside the booth, position yourself in front of the music stand and boom mic. Our recording engineer will be in a separate room, behind the glass, but will be able to walk you through all necessary processes. Place the headphones on and you will be ready to record. 

When recording is completed, remove headphones and place on the music stand. Please also leave any used pens/pencils on the stand.

Food and Drinks:

When you enter the facility there will be a cart or table right outside your room with bottled drinks of your choice and individually wrapped snacks or boxed meals, per your request. Should anything additional be required, our client services team will safely get you what need from our kitchen area, which will be closed-off to all others.


Unfortunately, we will not allow client guests or others to wait, monitor, or direct the session from inside the main control room/mix stage. With advance notice upon scheduling the session, we can set up remote monitoring/directing solutions for you. Talent, as well as guests, will be required to submit the self-test form.

Levels Employee Protocols:

  • All employees are required to practice safe physical distancing when at or away from the studio.
  • All employees must self-report any at-risk health conditions prior to coming to work.
  • All employees must self-report any known exposures to Covid-19 diagnosed or symptomatic individuals or symptoms occurring within 10 days of coming into the studio Los Angeles County procedures on contact tracing and isolation will be followed should anyone report exposure or symptoms. All employees are encouraged to follow community guidelines for limiting exposure to others and reducing the spread of Covid-19.
  • All employees are required to join in efforts while at the studio to reduce contamination and increase sanitation of all studio areas and surfaces.
  • All staff/employees, and visitors, will be required to wear a mask when entering the building. Masks must be worn when venturing outside your office into common areas. Physical distancing remains in effect in all areas inside and outside of the Levels facility. ​