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Mixing (5.1, 7.1, DOLBY ATMOS)

Our staff mixers work on state-of-the-art consoles using a wide variety of sophisticated tools to make your project sound as good as possible. Our stages are set up to mix in 5.1\7.1\DOLBY ATMOS for film, television and DVD, as well as Dolby E encoding and laybacks to Sony HDCam, HDCam SR, and Digibeta.

Multitrack Music Mixing

As our credits show, we’re the top choice for uncompromising quality in music performance mixing for broadcast. In stereo or 5.1, we specialize in presenting compelling music performances at their best, with a live feel that puts your viewers right in front of the stage.

Sound Supervision

Our Sound Supervisors are experienced at tailoring our sound services to your specific needs. We focus on learning about your story and your characters to help develop their sonic personality and keep your viewers engaged, all while handling the technical concerns to meet your audio deliverables and finish the project on time.

Custom Sound Design

From the the lush, organic sounds of nature to crisp, edgy tech-glitch audio, our sound designers record, create and tailor the right sounds to your unique project for a personality and soundscape all its own.

Dialog Editorial

No matter what your project, the story is in the dialog. Our world-class dialog editors are experts at “The Invisible Art” of smoothing uneven production audio for a seamless dialog experience that forms the foundation of your project’s story.

SFX Editorial

In addition to most commercial sound effects libraries, we draw on a large collection of our own custom recordings and designed sounds to bring each show to life. All sounds are meticulously cataloged and accessible from every stage in the facility, so finding the perfect sound in a hurry is quick and direct.

Voice-Over and ADR Recording

Our VO and ADR rooms are fine-tuned, acoustically and aesthetically, for comfortable talent and a great performance, perfectly captured.

Foley Recording and Editing

For the finishing touches on your project, you can rely on our team for precise foley, from footsteps to all kinds of props, tucked into the mix just enough to put your viewer in the moment and bring your scenes to life.