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Turning 40 today!  Man, I have been truly blessed to be able to live out my dream of building this company and doing what I love to do every day.When I reflect back on the number one ingredient to my success and happiness it is unequivocally friendship. The loyalty and friendship of each and every client. The loyalty and friendship of each and every employee. I have not chosen the simple road often in this life; despite so many ups and downs, LEVELS has been a constant for the past 15 years, the one solid ground for me to stand on. And really, who would ever have thought a recording studio in Hollywood could be considered the most stable part of one’s life!?
As I look back on the last 40 years and onward to the next 40, I’d like to reach down into the depth of my heart and thank everyone who helped make this small-town boys dreams come true. Through the death of loved ones, WTC bombings, three major hollywood labor strikes, a painful divorce, a major life transformation, relocation and buildout of a new facility, partnership dissolution, and major recession, you have stood right by my side.  I will never ever, ever forget that.
With love and gratitude,