If you have been around Levels for any amount of time, you know the incomparable Conner Moore. I’ll let him tell you in his own words how he got his start mixing and why he loves it. How many years have you been at Levels? I started in 2004 so 10 years now! I was at Post Logic for almost 14 years before that and I started mixing in ’93. I’d like to note here that even though I’m an old-timer, Jamie Ledner was already an old-timer when I started at Post Logic (chuckles).  Where are you from? I’m basically born and raised in LA. I moved down from Northern California at 11. I grew up at the beach. I was a surfer, volleyball player; I even worked in a surfboard factory. I used to foil fins for Becker. So where did you study sound? I’m pretty much self-taught. I took some sound classes at Harbor College; I was doing live sound for John Brown Band and built a home studio from what I had learned in class. I started recording local bands; early Pennywise and Surf Punks recorded in my garage. I finally got a job in Hollywood as an assistant and the rest is history. What is your favorite TV show that you have worked on?  Drunk History because it is awesome! I also really enjoy working on Shark Tank because it’s informative and fun. I have been known to buy products from the show before they blow up. What is the most interesting thing that’s happened to you on the job? I recall a time when I was chatting with Ray Manzarek in the kitchen and it was on the anniversary of Jim Morrison’s death. I will never forget how interesting and moving it was to hear Ray’s take on what had happened to Jim.